Unexpected expenses do not count on the seasons but can be surprisingly more frequent during the winter, and costs such as heating bills are difficult to quantify before they are received.

The Economic credit line is an opportunity to raise additional funds within the credit line provided to you, provided that you have adequate solvency and that you meet all the borrowing conditions of the lender.

Why choose a credit line?

credit loan

There are several types of loans available on the internet – credit line, quick loans, SMS loans etc. These are all relatively small short term loans for a wide variety of expenses. What exactly are the benefits of a credit line? When assessing your solvency, you are given a credit line limit, which allows you to get the money you need in your account at any time. What’s the difference with fast credit? The interest rate is calculated only on the amount you have spent. The credit line is useful in situations where you do not yet know exactly how much you want to spend, but you want to be sure that the extra money will be immediately available if needed.

Don’t let the winter frost stop you!

credit loan

When deciding on a credit line, remember that any credit needs to be seriously considered and taken only in urgent cases. However, during the winter months, when snowfall and cold weather occur, the following situations may occur more often:

  • Big bills for heating services that can be unexpected when you spend your first winter in a new home;
  • Slippery car accidents or mechanical problems that can be caused by low temperatures;
  • Need for warmer clothing or shoes for yourself and family members.

Economic is a lender who takes care of the comfort of his clients

Economic is a lender who takes care of the comfort of his clients

By choosing a Economic credit line, you will have access at all times to your user profile and all necessary information on the Economic website. This is where you’ll be able to do everything from applying to repaying your credit:

  • Create your user profile by following the instructions and providing the necessary information – personal identification code, residential address and income and expenses;
  • Submit application and wait for approval – please note that applications are only processed during Economic’s business hours;
  • Get your credit line limit and remember that the interest rate and payment schedule will only be determined by the amount of money you spend.

See Economic for information on Economic’s credit line! Before you apply for a loan, read its terms and conditions and borrow responsibly by carefully assessing your chances of repaying the loan!